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I’ve put together a roundup of my favorite posts on this website that help you to make the best pizza at home. These are the posts that have the most valuable bits of information, and of course, my pizza dough recipe!

I would recommend trying the recipe, getting some equipment from the checklist post and following the 26 tips to make a thin crust home oven pizza. After that you can try the pan pizza recipe and make some tweaks to your dough with hydration and other ingredients.

26 Tips On Making Better Pizza has so many useful tips for making pizza at home, and comes from years of experience and mistakes made. If you follow this list then you are guaranteed to make great pizza at home. Couple it up with the pizza recipe below.

Crust Kingdom Pizza Dough Recipe is the recipe I wrote after testing out hundreds of pizzas. It’s flexible to be risen for a long time for a deep flavor, or for shorter times and still make good pizza. It’s had great feedback and is my weekly go-to pizza recipe.

American Pan Pizza has a guide and a recipe for making pan pizza such as the Sicilian or Grandma pizza. It has some tips on stretching the dough into a rectangle which is the tricky part. This style of pizza is great for feeding a crowd as you don’t have to launch lots of pizzas.

Best Tools For Making Pizza has an invaluable list of items that every pizza maker should own, and some optional extras too. I’ve linked some places that you can buy the items and what to look for when buying the products.

Pizza Dough Hydration And Baker’s Percentage is a more technical post on the affects of different amounts of water in dough. It also discusses the different ingredients that can go into dough, their measurements, and why you might want to include or leave out certain things like oil.

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