The Best Portable Pizza Ovens Of 2019

If you’re looking to get an outdoor oven, but don’t have the space, time or money to build a brick oven, then a portable option is a good go to.

Heating up quickly and being able to transport and stash away are great benefits for these models, which are becoming more popular – and produce fantastic pizzas in no time.


Ooni launched with a crowding funding campaign in 2012 to bring a portable pizza oven to the backyards of the world. Now on the Ooni 3 – it heats up to 930ºF (500ºC) in just 10 minutes, and will cook your 13″ creation in around 60 seconds. It runs on wood pellets and is super light weight, being able to collapse down so you can transport it easily. Also available is the Ooni Pro to make 16″ pizzas. Read more at their online store:

The Roccbox

The Roccbox has a sleek design from stainless steel, stone and a rubber exterior. It’s a well insulated oven so retains heat well and will also reach temperatures of 930ºF (500ºC), with a slightly longer heat up time of around 30 minutes.

The Roccbox has a changeable burner allowing you to use wood or gas to heat the oven, so you can attach a propane tank and avoid buying firewood if that is more convenient for you.

The downsides? It is very sturdy and weighs a lot, so while you can move it around your garden, it isn’t one to carry to the beach. It also costs more than the Ooni, but is a slightly more sturdy piece of kit.

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