Recommended Equipment

On this equipment page, you’ll find my most useful tools to create pizzas. I’ve built the list up over time, and some are lifesavers in the kitchen so I recommend you check them out.

With some tools there is no replacement, like a good pizza peel or dough scraper. And others, like a pizza stone or steel will help you get the best results.

Pizza Peel

Transfer your pizza to your cooking surface in one piece. No need for a long handled one for home oven use.

Dough Mixer

Get consistent results without getting your hands dirty. Get a larger one to handle more dough.

Dough Cutter and Scraper

Use this to cut and lift your dough easily and keep your work bench clean. The ultimate tool for managing sticky dough.

Pizza Steel

Better than a stone as it conducts heat to the crust better. And it won’t crack.

Pizza Stone

The first step in getting a crispy crust. Cheaper than a pizza steel.

Weighing Scales

Using weight and not volume measures will improve your outcomes.

Proofing Containers

Avoid single use plastic wrap by proofing your dough in a handy container.

Pizza Cutter

Slice your pizza up in one smooth action. You can get a wheel cutter or a long, rocking blade.

Wire Cleaning Brush

Keep your pizza stones, steel and oven clean with this heat resistant brush.