About Crust Kingdom

Pizza has been my favorite food since I was a boy. I’ve spent the last decade or so making pizzas at home and improving on my recipes all the time. When I had the idea to start a food blog, it just had to be on pizza. Since then, things have really taken off, and I now get tens of thousands of readers a month. Check out my getting started guide.

Besides pizza, I got into bread baking and sourdough and extended the site to have a section on that. It amazes me that my posts are helping so many people out to make better pizza and bread. It’s great reading the comments on my dough recipe from happy bakers!

I love cooking and making websites so I started a second blog on general cooking and food called Boss The Kitchen. The aim is to have me and a team of food writers post guides and recipes for all different types of cooking. It’s starting with vegetables and using appliances in the kitchen but hopefully will expand to help people become better cooks in lots of different areas.

In 2022 I started another blog on drinks called Totally Drinks.

I hope you enjoy the site!