Content Policy

Crust Kingdom is an independent website primarily about making pizza at home and also some information on bread.

The website consists of guides, recipes, and general articles answering people’s pizza questions. There are a number of product recommendations and baking experiments.

This content policy outlines the editorial standards this website hopes to achieve.

How Content Is Created

Content is first and foremost written by Tom Hambly, the owner of Crust Kingdom. On rare occasions, there have been contributions from other writers before being edited by Tom.

Content ideas are generated from Tom’s experiences of cooking, the questions he gets from website users, and tangent topics that arise when creating content.

The aim of the website is to help fellow bakers improve their pizza making and make the best pizzas they can. The website aims to be a hub of information for people to use and one day hopes to be the number one resource for pizza online.

With that being said, quality and accuracy are core values of the content at Crust Kingdom.


Crust Kingdom is committed to providing objective and trustworthy information. This information is primarily sourced from first-hand experiences. When that isn’t possible, books and quality web sources are used.

Sometimes information can be subjective and comes down to opinion, the website hopes to give a balanced view and provide examples and evidence for its claims.

Crust Kingdom never receives payment from companies to promote their products. All recommendations are made from personal experiences.

AI Policy

With the focus on Crust Kingdom being on high quality and accurate content, AI is not used to write articles on this site.

AI is a powerful tool but its use to write articles falls short due to misinformation and the unoriginality of copying other content on the web.

Crust Kingdom’s aim is to create new and engaging content alongside the highest quality cornerstone recipes and guides you would expect on a site about pizza.

While AI isn’t suitable for creating new content, it does have uses for formatting and analyzing text or data. Crust Kingdom goes by the policy of using a robot for a robot’s job and a human for a human’s job.


If you think any part of this content and editorial policy is not up to standard on the website then please get in contact.