Pizza Dough Troubleshooting Guide 101

Over the years making pizzas, I’ve hit all the common pizza dough problems and found solutions by experimenting and getting advice from experts. I hope this list gives you help in your quest for that perfect dough.

1. Proofing Pizza Dough – Ultimate Guide

Start here with my guide on proofing for some guidance on what proofing is, how to do it, and some advanced tips.

2. Under cooked Pizza Dough

If your pizza dough is not cooked in the middle, or tastes doughy, then see my article on fixing under cooked pizza dough.

3. Shrinking Pizza Dough

If you’ve ever tried to stretch out your dough only for it to spring back, then read 5 ways to keep pizza dough from shrinking.

4. Tearing Pizza Dough

Hand stretching your dough can be tricky. If you’re getting tears in the center and need help then read my article on why pizza dough tears when stretching.

5. Proofing Temperatures For Pizza Dough

Unsure of the most suitable temperatures to rise your dough? Check out my article on the best pizza dough proofing temperature.

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